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Fancy Shoes

Having lived in Tahoe for most of my life I’ve become accustomed to certain things that come with the territory of living in a mountain and tourist filled town.   Such as; shoveling snow, tourists, chipping ice off my windshield, having to drive “off the mountain” to get anywhere, bears, majestic sunsets, no home mail delivery, owning a wide variety of  jeans, drunk tourists, hiking trails, beautiful views, [...]

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June 1st – and still snowing.


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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

May 29 and still snowing!  Around midnight last night I was wide awake and decided to go outside and take some pictures.   Because I live on a relatively quiet street in the mountains, I was so surprised at how many people actually walked by my house at that time of the night  and wanted to stop and talk  photography!  I guess if I [...]

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Plugins and Widgets and Tags…oh my!

Throughout the years, it has been my dream of  finding the time and patience to learn a foreign language.  I always envisioned how cool it would be to speak something useful like Spanish, exciting like Italian, or romantic like French.  Little did I know I would be spending hours upon hours attempting to learn this colorless and confusing little language I like to call computereeze!  [...]

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Hey Everyone!

Our blog is still under construction, so please check back soon!

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