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Fancy Shoes

Written By: Carol - Jul• 09•11

Having lived in Tahoe for most of my life I’ve become accustomed to certain things that come with the territory of living in a mountain and tourist filled town.   Such as; shoveling snow, tourists, chipping ice off my windshield, having to drive “off the mountain” to get anywhere, bears, majestic sunsets, no home mail delivery, owning a wide variety of  jeans, drunk tourists, hiking trails, beautiful views, and a mountain casual dress code which includes wearing two types of shoes; snow boots for the winter and sandals for the summer.  OK, I’ll throw in my shape-ups for photo shoots.   

Which begs the question;  Why on earth do I own fancy shoes?  

My social life consists of  grocery shopping, an occasional movie, once a week dinners with friends at the local “diner”, and oh yeah, going to the post office.  Living in a mountain town just does not give one much occasion to wear high heels.  On the professional side of  my life, I do meet with clients, attend meetings, community events, business get-togethers, and the overall dress code for such events is a step-up to business mountain casual (interpretation; upgrade from snow shoes or sandals to comfortable flats).   Whether you are dealing with six feet of snow with an inch of ice on the ground, or beach going, flip-flopping, fun-loving, sun worshiping individuals around every corner, it is still all about the practicality.  Again, why on earth do I own fancy shoes? 

My daughters (who would like for me to give them my fancy shoes) are convinced that I buy them because they look good in my closet.  Yes…they do look good in my closet.  No…you may not have them.

After all, you never know when you may be invited to a last minute red carpet event and find yourself in a fancy shoe emergency pickle.  When that day comes, I am prepared.  Until then, my fancy shoes shall remain in my closet.  Waiting.  Right there beside my fancy dresses and blinged out purses.  Lookin’ good.  In my closet. 

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