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Plugins and Widgets and Tags…oh my!

Written By: Carol - Apr• 21•11

Throughout the years, it has been my dream of  finding the time and patience to learn a foreign language.  I always envisioned how cool it would be to speak something useful like Spanish, exciting like Italian, or romantic like French.  Little did I know I would be spending hours upon hours attempting to learn this colorless and confusing little language I like to call computereeze!  (No offense to the computer geeks, I totally respect what you do, just obviously not my thing).  And, since “computereeze” is something Rosetta Stone doesn’t cover, I was left to my own devices (always scary) to figure out my web site and blog page.  Not an easy task for someone who apparently grew up in the dark ages!

Nevertheless, here we are!  My old web site,, is still up and running while I’m attempting to reinvent the wheel with my new one.  This Blog, while still in it’s infancy, can at least be blogged on while I’m learning how to categorize, attach tags, etc..etc..etc!  All in due time my friends.  All in due time.

I will be posting about our engagement, wedding and portrait sessions, discussing photography, and generally speaking my mind.  I hope you find it interesting enough to come back and visit often!

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  1. Sydney says:

    Really like the blog and am so glad it is up and running and your foreign language has progressed enourmously from the first day of learning!! I’m happy to be working on this project with you and will be blogging as well from my point of view on our business together!(And maybe you can teach me a thing or two about “computereeze” since I am younger but apparently in the dark ages as well.

  2. Roger says:

    Beneficial content, I truly enjoy updates of your stuff.

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