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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Written By: Carol - May• 29•11

May 29 and still snowing!  Around midnight last night I was wide awake and decided to go outside and take some pictures.   Because I live on a relatively quiet street in the mountains, I was so surprised at how many people actually walked by my house at that time of the night  and wanted to stop and talk  photography!  I guess if I want to get to know my neighbors better, I need to start keeping different hours.  All in all, it was a beautiful evening.  The picture I posted was taken on the side of  my house and the light source was provided by the porch light.

Midnight Snow

I realize at this point I am basically talking to myself on this blog, but for those who are listening, sorry for all the silence over the past month.  I shot some weddings during this time (I’ll post some pics later) and in the midst of post production, had both of my computers crash!  Luckily, most of my data is backed up on an external hard drive, so what could have been a major migraine, turned into just a headache.

Still trying to figure out some bugs with software and such, but overall, life is good! 


Ken+Marlee – Wedding

Written By: Carol - Apr• 28•11

Congratulations Ken & Marlee!

For two years, Ken sat in Marlee’s chair at the local hair salon.  She would cut his hair and he wished he could find the courage to ask her out.  Unfortunately,  he found out she was dating someone.  But lucky for Ken, he was a man who was blessed with patience.  A year later, when she was finally available, he sent her flowers and they became fast friends.  The friendship blossomed into romance and Ken’s wish came true when Ken and Marlee were married on April 23rd.

Nick+Renee – Wedding

Written By: Carol - Apr• 24•11

Had the absolute pleasure of being the photographer at Nick & Renee Stephens wedding this past Friday!  They live in the wonderful little town of San Martin, California and chose Lake Tahoe as the perfect location for the small and intimate wedding they were looking for.  So with a handful of guests,  they celebrated their wedding day with a cozy ceremony and a little champagne!   They are the nicest couple ever and we wish them a very bright future together!

Nick & Renee

Best Wishes Nick & Renee!

Plugins and Widgets and Tags…oh my!

Written By: Carol - Apr• 21•11

Throughout the years, it has been my dream of  finding the time and patience to learn a foreign language.  I always envisioned how cool it would be to speak something useful like Spanish, exciting like Italian, or romantic like French.  Little did I know I would be spending hours upon hours attempting to learn this colorless and confusing little language I like to call computereeze!  (No offense to the computer geeks, I totally respect what you do, just obviously not my thing).  And, since “computereeze” is something Rosetta Stone doesn’t cover, I was left to my own devices (always scary) to figure out my web site and blog page.  Not an easy task for someone who apparently grew up in the dark ages!

Nevertheless, here we are!  My old web site,, is still up and running while I’m attempting to reinvent the wheel with my new one.  This Blog, while still in it’s infancy, can at least be blogged on while I’m learning how to categorize, attach tags, etc..etc..etc!  All in due time my friends.  All in due time.

I will be posting about our engagement, wedding and portrait sessions, discussing photography, and generally speaking my mind.  I hope you find it interesting enough to come back and visit often!

Hey Everyone!

Written By: Carol - Apr• 20•11

Our blog is still under construction, so please check back soon!